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Travel To San Francisco

Undoubtedly San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the United States. California is very popular due to San Francisco. It has got amazing type of options for every type of people. It is not the city of the riches. There are various options available for every kind of people. It is the home of Alcatraz island. It was once a federal prison. This prison once had the most notorious criminals of those times, George Kelly and Al Capone. prison present in Alcatraz can be explored independently now. You can take a boat to this island. It is completely safe and there are no potential issues involved.

It will rather be very thrilling to visit a place which once had popular criminals. You will get to hear actually voices of prisoners in here. You must not miss out the Golden gate park which covers a huge area of 1017 acres. There are many entertainment options over here. You can try biking trails and hiking in the park area. You can also rent bicycles if you wish to go on a ride. The De Young Museum is worth a visit. You will get to know about many knowledgeable stuffs that once created history. Then there is Botanical garden and the California Academy of Sciences. You can learn about many science topics over here. Things to do san Francisco has no boundaries or ends.

You can do whatever your heart says. Crookedest street is very famous in San Francisco. You must go for a walk down this famous street. It is a very steep road. The street is so steep and filled with twists and turns that it feels as if you are walking down a snake. On one side where there are expensive hotels, there are other options where rents are pretty less.

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