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Travel To Vietnam

Due to its historical war prone background, people never give Vietnam a thought for travel purpose. However, war is history and now the place has many more things to its name. Movies have created its image of a troublesome and war like place. In real life, Vietnam is very rich in cultural heritage. Breathtaking terraces, highlands, beaches and island landscapes are the identity of Vietnam. Once you visit this place you will fall in love with it. It will give you the most memorable journey of your life. For more details you can visit exotravel.com and plan your Vietnam trip with the help of professionals.

There are several tour packages for Vietnam from which you can choose. You can go there either with friends or family, there is no problem. There is some entertainment option for people of every age group. It gives you the option to try out an adventure trip. You can land in Hanoi by a plane and move to the South of Vietnam. Or you can you can land in Saigon and head towards the North. You can use public transits like train, bus or domestic flights. If you are planning to visit North Vietnam, May will be the best month to do so. Winter times are gloomy and very cold in Vietnam. From December to April you can try out the Northern Vietnam.

Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and you have many destinations worth exploring over here. First comes the Hoan Liem Lake which means the Lake of the Restored swords. It has got a historical significance and wonderful scenic beauty. You can also visit the Ha Long Bay. It means the Bay of descending dragons. Fansipan mountain is the highest peak in Indochina. When you are moving towards South do nor miss out the highest Pagoda in Vietnam. It is called the Thien Mu pagoda.

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